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By Grace Stuart,

There is no place like home, making the home as comfortable as it could be is one thing, however adding features into your home to make life that extra bit more convenient is what everybody looks for. We’re not all lazy human beings (of course, we're not) but we should definitely make the most of the products that have been invented for a better home. Especially if they are worth the price. Why not explore these items that have been proven to work, let’s find out what these are.  


Light up those dark corners

Tap it on and tap it off! How easy is it to just peel and stick a light source and place it literally anywhere you need that extra bit of lighting. As long as you find a flat surface, these touch lights can be especially useful for those dark places inside your home, like inside a closet, underneath a cabinet, inside a shed and other dark places you can think of. At only $12.99 you can definitely replace those old bulky outdated table lamps that's been sitting there for years with these Easy Access touch lights that look modern and won’t occupy as much living space.


Hook it up

Are you one of those people who forgets where was the last place you put your keys? It can become frustrating and waste a lot of time trying to back track your every step trying to find them  before going out. Be more organized by installing a simple key hook near your front door. Overtime you will naturally make it a habit to hang your keys there and know exactly where it is when you leave again. Key hooks are a great solution to solve these little hassles and save you time too. The best thing is that there are a lot of stylish options of key hooks which can fit well with any home theme! Our Duo Sparrow Key Holder is a steal at only $6.29!


Stay fresh inside

Sometimes keeping your clothes stored in the wardrobe can develop a musky wooden stench which will linger onto your clothes. Even after you’ve washed them the smell just won’t go away! Keep air purifying bags to trap, filter and absorb airborne moisture, which can also reduce mildew formation and other pollutants known to trigger allergies. Wear your desired outfit with confidence without being paranoid about if you’re giving off a bad stench.


Light up the way

When you need to wake up for a night time pee, you probably have your eyes half closed and don’t want to turn on the bright light. You want to get back to bed asap and get the job done as quick as possible. Fixing a Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Light to your bathroom will get you in and out in no time! Guiding you the way straight to the x spot destination without having the need to switch anything on is surely worth the $9.99. Guys, this handy little device will help you to aim better and also stop you from stumbling around in the dark!

It is never too late to get additional bits and bobs that can make your daily living a whole lot easier! And these are only a few, there are lot more ways to make your home that much more convenient. Check out our Home Collection for even more helpful gadgets. We’d love to know how you would make your home more pleasant to live in? Leave us a comment below.



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