4 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Save You Time!

By Hannah Jones,

These kitchen gadgets will save you time!
Whether you’re a budding chef or a total beginner, we know that the journey to creating the perfect dish can take a long time! Just thinking about the aftermath and the tedious cleanup may even put you off completely!

Do not fear, here are 4 time-saving kitchen gadgets to take away your cooking stresses, leaving you with more time to do the things you love. You can thank us later!


1. Life changing Jar and Bottle Opener!
Never again do you have to endure the irritating feeling of not being able to open a jar or bottle! No matter how much you try, eventually you have to abandon your mission, exit your cooking app and seek out your beloved partner, sibling or even child! By the time you return, things are burning, the flow has gone and you’ve lost a teeny tiny bit of pride! Next time, just grab this multifunctional Jar and Bottle Opener, save time and be the boss of your kitchen!

2. Kitchen Cabinet Mounted Trash Box
If only there was a device to count the number of times you open and close the trash can when cooking! Amongst the peeling, slicing, dicing, and bashing, you can find yourself with heaps of waste and nowhere to put it. If you have a small kitchen, your waste bin can also take up most of your valuable prep space! This Kitchen Cabinet Mounted Trash Box can help save you the trip, save you some space, as well as helping you to recycle!



3. Heat Sealer machine
You’re midway through cooking, or you have just finished up and you have heaps of things that need transferring, repacking, and wrapping. The idea of finding a place or the perfect sized Tupperware for all these things makes you want to cry! The cooking part was fun, the tidying, not so much! This pro heat sealer reseals the original plastic packaging keeping it simple! It helps save time and money by keeping your food fresh! (and you’re doing your bit for the environment!).

4. Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner
When in the groove of cooking, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with a huge mess with dirt in places you never knew existed! But in the end, those stubborn, difficult to reach places need cleaning. This Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner is an absolute must-have in your kitchen! Just add vinegar and water into your “Angry Mom” and microwave her for 7 mins. The steam from her head helps to dissolve the dirt for easy cleaning away. That’s one big appliance off your cleaning checklist (and it’s hilarious to watch!)

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