By Laura Ashley,

Having your home burgled can seriously be an eye opener and make you realise you should've taken more precautions in the beginning.  If you’ve been burgled before then I’m sure you will learn from your mistakes but the fear still creeps up on a repeated situation. To prevent this from happening again there are a few things that you can do to protect your home from being burgled again. One of the main reasons why homes are burgled is because they’re an easy target. That being said experienced burglars know all the tricks of the trade, leaving all the lights on and having the TV on while you’re away may not be enough anymore. Burglars have become even smarter these days and that means you need to up your game too.


Go for Super Bright Lights

A clever burglar will knock on the door to see if anyone is in or to check if a dog might be present. If someone does answer they’ll just pretend to be some sales guy or they’ll say they’ve got the wrong address. When no one is in they’ll probably find a way in at the back and that’s why they love homes with high bushes where they can hide and not be seen easily. A good way to put them off is installing motion sensor lights around the home. The automatic light that detects movement that will switch on and give a fright to burglars for them to change their mind. Make sure you’re going for the Super Bright Motion Sensor Lights for effective bright lighting. These are great above your garage door or outside your front porch to scare them off before they even get to the door.

Lights that move can throw them off


A clever burglar will wait outside your home and watch your every movement from what time you go to work to if you really do have a dog. Beware of the dog signs don’t cut it anymore and fake dog flaps might be an easy access to invite burglars in. Should they get to your door whether it's in the front or back, having a motion activated light above the door that tilts in different angles gives a clear warning to burglars that they should think again. The tilting of the light gives an illusion as if it's got a camera installed as well, with the Motion Sensor Angel Light installed they are sure to turn around.

A Dummy for Dummies

The most favorite time for a burglar to take action is during day-time, when everyone is at work leaving their homes unoccupied. Motion sensor lights are great for night time but what about the daytime? Having a camera placed somewhere visible where passersby can see could be worth the investment but sometimes these can be quite pricy. That's where the Dummy Security Dome Camera comes in, a low-cost device that looks like the real deal with effective but fake surveillance effects. You’ll be better off with this around the home as it’s easy to install and there's no wiring required.

To be honest it’s wise to Invest in all of these security lights because they’ll keep your family safe, preventing your home from being broken into and saving you the loss of your valuables. In the end these Top 3 security lights might actually save you a lot more money than you think in the long run.



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