Assorted Mop Slippers
  Description: You've spilt something on the floor but can't be bothered to go get the mop out the garage. Now introducing mop slippers! An easier way to handle any...
SAVE 47%
€8,99  €16,99
Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner
Description:Cleaning your window from the outside is both difficult and dangerous. This Magnetic Window Cleaner lets clean both sides of your window safely and at the same time. The internal magnet...
SAVE 18%
€32,99  €39,99
Bike Chain Cleaner Tool
Description:Got a dirty bike chain? Clear out the rust or grime easily and quickly with this Bike Chain Cleaner Tool! While cleaning, the chain will be enclosed in a box...
SAVE 31%
€10,99  €15,99
Silicone Brush Cleaning Gloves
Description:Cleaning your house? Protect your hands with these amazing heat-resistant Silicone Brush Cleaning Gloves! Textured with food grade silicone brushes, they can scrub clean anything in an instant, great for...
SAVE 22%
€17,99  €22,99
3 in 1 Easy Glass Window Cleaner
Description:Want squeaky clean windows for your home and car? This 3 in 1 Easy Glass Window Cleaner will get the job done fast! It can spray water, clean the glass...
SAVE 18%
€17,99  €21,99
Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner - Makes...
  Description: Use steam to clean the crud from your microwave! Just add vinegar and water, then microwave for 7 minutes. The steam comes out of mama's head and softens...
SAVE 33%
€11,99  €17,99
Cleaning Brush with Dispenser
Description:Want to get your cleaning chores done faster? With this easy-to-use Cleaning Brush, you no longer have to stop in your tracks to add detergent. Simply squeeze the top of...
SAVE 21%
€18,99  €23,99
Portable Mini Vacuum Cleaner
Description:Can't stand your dirty car seats or dusty office desk? Take this Portable Mini Vacuum Cleaner to your car, office, and anywhere else that needs cleaning up! Small and compact,...
SAVE 31%
€21,99  €31,99
Mini USB Keyboard Vacuum
Description: Simply connect the Vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or Computer to start cleaning your keyboard!   Main Features: Compact in size Easy to use  Includes one bristle...
SAVE 36%
€6,99  €10,99
Easy Brush Cup Cleaner
Description:Got stains and grimy residue on the bottom of your drinking glass? Make it spotless clean again with this Lazy Cup Cleaner Wall Mount Brush! Simply stick it to the...
SAVE 14%
€18,99  €21,99
Magic Scrub Emery Sponge (4pc)
Description:Do you spend forever cleaning your pots and pans after cooking? Save time and energy with these Magic Scrub Emery Sponges in your kitchen! With a high density and fine...
SAVE 46%
€13,99  €25,99
8 Pcs 2 in 1 Spray Water Saver Nozzle
Description:Use only what you need! Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, this amazing 2 in 1 Spray Water Saver Nozzle will cut back water use by half! Use it to...
€21,99  €22,99
Dish Washing Cleaning Gloves with S...
Description:Got dry hands from washing the dishes? Protect your hands and nails with the Dishwashing Latex Gloves that will make cleaning less of a chore! The right-hand glove has a...
SAVE 21%
€14,99  €18,99
Magic Dust Removing Crystal Gel (4pc)
  Description: Say goodbye to the annoying dust and debris hidden in your keyboard! Just place it on the keyboard and tuck it into the gaps, then the transparent gel...
SAVE 42%
€27,99  €47,99
Drill Scrub Brush Head Set
Description: Don't want to get your hands dirty while doing chores? Just mount the Scrub Brush to your drill and easily clean anything around your home! This set comes with...
€22,99  €24,99
Waterproof Mattress Protector Bed C...
Description:Got young kids at home? This Mattress Protector Bed Cover will come in handy at night. In the case of a bed wetting accident or spilling your drink, cleanup will...
SAVE 31%
€37,99  €54,99
Microfiber Quick-Dry Cloth (2pcs)
Description:Use these Microfiber Quick-Dry Cloths to easily clean your car, kitchen, appliances, and much more! With these cloths, you no longer have to rely on paper towels that fall apart...
SAVE 43%
€11,99  €20,99

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