Carbon Fiber Adhesive Wrap - Revive Your Car, Phone, and More!

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Feel bored with the exterior of your car, laptop or phone? Now you can transform the boring look into something fancy with this carbon fiber wrap! 


Main Features:

  • Easy application and removal - just peel and stick!
  • Water resistant, stainproof, and UV protection features contribute to a long lifespan
  • Very easy to stretch - can be molded over curves or stick on any curve surface by using heat gun or hair dryer to help with shaping or stretching
  • Real 3D texture that resembles the genuine look of carbon fiber!
  • Easy to clean and maintain with water and soap



Product Size

Approx. 60 x 24 inches

Product Weight

6.7 oz (190g)

Package Component

1 x roll of adhesive wrap



How to install the product :

  1. Clean Surfaces - Any surface that will have carbon fiber applied on it will need to be cleaned using a surface preparation system, like a cleaner or degreaser. Protective chemical gloves are need for this type of cleaner. The main point is to thoroughly clean the surface where the carbon fiber will go so there is not any dirt or dust that will be covered. Also be sure to dry the surface after cleaning it. 
  2. Prepare Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Pull out your carbon fiber roll, and cut off enough material to cover the surface. It's generally best to cut this piece larger than it needs to be and then cut it down to size after it's layered over the object. This ensures that the cut piece is not too small, which would force a brand new piece to be cut, which would also waste precious carbon fiber material. Also, you still want a bit of overlap on all sides even after the final cut to ensure you don't end up with uncovered areas. The more overlap you have here, the less careful you will have to be when laying the carbon fiber on the car or other object 
  3. Remove Adhesive Cover - Once a piece of carbon fiber is cut to fit the object that will be wrapped, completely remove the adhesive cover SLOWLY from the carbon fiber vinyl. This should be done with two people if the adhesive cover cannot easily be removed by yourself. It's very important not to let the material backing touch itself during this step. 
  4. Apply Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Once the adhesive cover is off the vinyl piece, simply center the piece over the object being covered. Then, use a smoothing tool (squeegee) to remove any bubbles from the material. All good quality carbon fiber vinyl wrap, like ours, has air channels on the adhesive side that help with removing bubbles. Also start smoothing from the center of the object and work your way out to the edges until all of the carbon fiber wrap is smooth. Using a heat gun helps to smooth out the carbon fiber vinyl as bubbles are being removed from it. The use of a heat gun also works wonders to help fit the carbon fiber to any kind of curved object. 
  5. Cut Excess Material - After the entire surface is covered with smooth carbon fiber vinyl wrap, cut off any excess material hanging over the edges of the object. Smooth and heat the edges one last time after they've been cut to the exact size of the object.
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