Wide Angle Backup Reverse Parking Fresnel Lens

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Hitting the road? Easily stick the Fresnel Lens on your car rear window to avoid accidents! You’ll be able to see what’s under your rear window and much more than what's in your rearview mirrors. Feel safe and secure when driving and parking with the lens on your rear window!


Main Features: 

  • A thin flexible negative fresnel lens on your rear window that lets you see around your vehicle
  • Allows you to see objects under rear window that you can’t see through inside and outside rearview mirrors
  • Increase the angle of view 0 to 28 degrees on left side and right side, and 0 to 18 degrees on bottom
  • Helps avoid accident while backing up due to kids, pets, and low-lying objects in blind spot behind your vehicle
  • Can be applied to side window for larger vehicles to avoid accidents
  • Suitable for hatchback cars or vehicles with vertical rear windows
  • Not suitable for cars with a spare tire attached on the rear, blocking off part of rear window
  • Made from PVC
  • Super easy to use


How to use: 

  • Get inside your car and find a spot on your rear window near the bottom edge
  • Clean the window and then wet it with water
  • Stick the smooth side of lens to window
  • Remove air bubbles and hold firmly in place for a few seconds until it becomes clear



Product Size

Length 10in / 25.5cm x Width 0.4in / 1.1cm x Height 8in / 20.5cm

Product Weight

67g / 2.36oz

Package Component

1 x Lens
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