USB Powered LED Waterfall Light
  Description:Create a romantic backdrop with these Curtain Waterfall Lights! The Warm-White LED lamp beads will bring a dreamy atmosphere to your bedroom or living room. You can easily cover up...
SAVE 33%
€23,99  €35,99
Fantasy Copper Wire LED Lights (Wat...
  Description: Copper Wire Lights can be bent into any shape and also wrapped around anything you like which helps to make wonderful ornament pieces and other DIY projects at...
SAVE 13%
€6,99  €7,99
Snowflakes LED String Lights - Brin...
Description:Catch up with the coolest holiday trend with these Snowflakes LED String Lights! Shiny and bright, they will add a romantic decorative touch to your patio, yard, or garden, making...
SAVE 42%
€10,99  €18,99
Iron LED Leaf String Lights
  Description: These Iron LED Leaf String Lights are the perfect accessory to decorate your home. You can hang them from a tree, on the wall or anywhere else you can...
SAVE 32%
€12,99  €18,99
LED Starry Curtain Lights
Description:Feeling adventurous with your home decor? Incorporate a festive, playful design with Starry Curtain Lights! These imaginative lights scream magic and will bring you endless inspiration. They give off a...
€38,99  €42,99
LED Butterfly String Lights
Description: Looking for a new way to decorate your room? These LED Butterfly String Lights will add a magical charm and look angelically beautiful. Get creative and hang them anywhere...
SAVE 42%
€18,99  €32,99
Photo Clip LED String Lights
  Description: This string light is made with 20 transparent clips attached along the clear string. Clip on your favorite photos or memories to this decorative light and hang it...
SAVE 14%
€18,99  €21,99
Plumeria Flower LED String Lights
Description: These Plumeria Flower LED String Lights are a lovely accessory to decorate your home. Use them to decorate any area you can think of. It simply is a lovely ornament that creates...
SAVE 33%
€21,99  €32,99
Decorative Seashell String Lights
  Description: These Decorative Seashell String Lights are not just great as party decorations, but can be used to decorate your rooms all year round.     Main Features: 10...
SAVE 42%
€13,99  €23,99

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